Name: Protagonist
Gender & Age: Male, 15 years old
Club Status: Currently seeking membership
Special Power: Most important man in the universe
Power Side Effect: Is completely useless despite his title
If He Had a Voice Actor: Crawford Wilson
Protagonist is…well…the protagonist of the story. He’s got a heart of gold and the devil’s luck, but is frequently the center of unwanted attention. Being the most important man in the universe, Protagonist has become slightly egomaniacal. He always has to be in charge and hates to have his opinion challenged.

Name: Luna Selene Moon
Gender & Age: Female, 15 years old
Club Status: Student Council President
Special Power: Multiple. Can charm anyone, can fly, and can use her hair as a laser gun
Power Side Effect: Natural born leader full of charisma
If She Had a Voice Actress: Laura Bailey
Luna is the Student Council President and acts as the “shadow leader” of the Conqueror’s Club, much to Pro’s dismay. It’s thanks to her that Pro avoided getting expelled immediately. It’s also thanks to her that he’s stuck having to join a club. Luna is sweeter than honey with the looks and voice of an angel, but it’s just an act to hide her malicious nature.


Name: Scarlett Pisalgo
Gender & Age: Female, 15 years old
Club Status: Leader of the Art Appreciation Association
Special Power: Can warp reality and render it in different art styles
Power Side Effect: Blind to reality
If She Had a Voice Actress: Debi Derryberry
Pisalgo is the pretty n’ petite leader of the Art Appreciation Association despite being a very poor artist. She is blind to reality. Whenever she opens her eyes, everything around her is rendered in different art styles. Anyone who happens to be near her when this happens is often driven temporarily insane. Pisalgo is polite most of the time, but will easily fly into a rage if you offend her.


Name: Mister Principal (Mr.Principal)
Gender & Age: Male, 67 years old
Special Power: Fated to be a school principal
Power Side Effect: Will never be anything else despite his best effort
If He Had a Voice Actor: Kelsey Grammer
The beloved school principal. His power is similar to Protagonist's in that his title seals his fate. In his youth Mister was an aspiring actor, but despite his best efforts he ended up working as a school principal. A lover of theater and opera, he never misses a chance to use his wasted talent.

Protagonist's Mother
Name: Protagonist's Mother
Gender & Age: Female, 35 years old
Special Power: None
If She Had a Voice Actress: ???
Once the most important woman in the universe. She's now a humble single mother to the most important man in the universe. She was the previous Protagonist but lost her powers (and name) when she had her son. Her current name is unknown.

More profiles coming eventually!